Brand boosters for fair and inspiring brands

There’s no way around it: Mother earth is in dire straits these days. And we know as well as you do that irresponsible use of raw materials and overconsumption play a pivotal role in that. As monomaniacal marketeers we could just pretend there’s nothing wrong and continue what we have always done... or try and wager our creativity and experience in order to improve our world with every campaign we launch. We tend to opt for the latter and we want to help you, being a fabulous and inspiring brand, with cool and efficacious communication. Because your brands’success contributes to fulfilling our mission, aspiring to achieve ‘positive change for a better world’. Let’s have a cup of coffee together and discuss what we can do for you!

Tijd voor eerlijke, inspirerende merken
boosting conscious brands


A new generation of hyperconscious consumers

The rise of the millennials-generation is characterized by the search for brands with an honest and transparent character. Millennials are socially and politically conscious and they increasingly understand they have their own share in how we deal with today’s world and with each other. Faith in hollow-phrased communication by opportunistic marketeers is dwindling, and results in a constant search for sincere and responsible brands with an honest story. Which is good news for you, because we can help you tell that story and maximize its impact.

boosting conscious brands
boosting conscious brands
boosting conscious brands

Storytelling with maximum impact!

Hidden behind every great and strong brand there is an enticing and inspiring story. A story that does not make your brand vanish in (masses of) mediocrity, but one that gives meaning and catches the eye, so people remember your name. We would love to help you write the story that not just reaches, but also touches your audience. Not only because we have an overactive right hemisphere, but mainly because we love a good story. Especially when it helps make the world a little nicer.

boosting conscious brands
boosting conscious brands

Boosting consious brands

For whom?

We would be thrilled to deploy our creativity and experience for the sake of brands that look beyond the balance of their own bank account. Brands that supply clean mobility or energy, that promote a circular economy, recycle raw materials or prospect sustainability in the food industry. Brands that fight for fair working conditions in developing countries, for the preservation of ecological diversity or for lowering CO2 emissions. Not allowing these brands to make a profit is a farce; combining all these ambitions is very well feasible.

Who are behind

The Urgenteers?

Classic Right-brainer, thinks in terms of images, no-ado-about-nothing and fashionable disruptive. Concerned with his fellow human being and the planet. Waking up to the realization that we need a new consciousness in order to ensure the future of humanity. Monday morning quarterback no more.

Non-conformist to the core, blessed with a lively and creative mind. Sucker for real stories with a firm common thread. Puts a solid trust in the arrival of a new era with new heroes that make the world a better place.